Acupuncture Initial Visit

The initial visit lasts 90 minutes and includes a head-to-toe detailed intake conducted via Zoom or phone. This must be completed before your first acupuncture visit.


Acupuncture Office Visits​


Followup visits last an hour and include a half hour of intake since your last visit and a half hour of needle time.

Ear Acupuncture: Stop smoking, appetite regulation, stress, pain,
high or low blood pressure, and more!


Auricular Medicine is a separate branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on managing physical and emotional issues using reactive points of the ear. While western medical massage models focus on the feet to treat the reflex points of the body, an acupuncture physician looks to the ear to treat reflex points using needles or ear seeds. 

Bach Flower consultations​


Bach Flower remedies are considered a seperate but complete branch of homeopathy, specializing
in emotional healing. It was developed by Dr. Bach, an English physician and bacteriologist who practiced during the first half of the 20th century.
A consultation is one hour; remedies are an additional cost.

Herb / Supplement Consult


Bring in your supplements and we will look at each one and determine if it's appropriate for your health goals and address any drug / herb interactions you may need to know. Included with your acupuncture visit or may be scheduled as a standalone visit.

Homeopathy Consultations - acute or constitutional


The initial visit lasts at least two hours and includes a head-to-toe detailed intake conducted via Zoom or phone. Within 72 hours you will receive the script for the first remedy, which may be purchased at a local store, or ordered for you. Patient is responsible for the additional cost of the remedies, in addition to the consult fee. Consult fee includes one follow-up visit at four weeks. Additional followups are charged at the normal office visit rate.