With the governor allowing elective medical to reopen, I have implemented strict Covid policies and protocols to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients. At this point, I have to assume that everyone has been exposed to Covid. It is my mission to make the clinic as safe as I can for our seniors, those who have auto-immune issues, and all my other patients, too. 
I want to make it clear that I expect my patients to do what is best for their health first. I support you 100 percent. If you feel it is appropriate for you to return to acupuncture, I welcome you! If you need to stay home, I encourage you to contact me and we can update your plan of care with Zoom teleconferencing and home care protocols. Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.
Here is the new protocol for office visits:
1) When you call for your appointment, you will be verbally screened for Covid and asked to provide a current tempertature, which will be logged.
2) On your appointment day, leave your extra belongings in the car or home, and bring only phone, payment, car keys. You may bring labs or other paperwork, but I prefer that you email them, if possible. Bring a mask, or I will provide one for you.
3) Head to the back door of my clinic. It faces the back parking lot of the post office. Please knock, and tell me if you need a mask BEFORE I open the door. I will answer the door in a mask and gloves and provide the same verbal Covid screening.
4) Then you will proceed inside to the temperature reader and I will log your current temp. Then you will sanitize your hands and proceed to Room 1, unless you need to use the restroom.
5) Place your personal items on the clean field tray to your immediate left as your enter Room 1. Then sit on the table and we will go through the normal intake and I will prepare you for treatment. There will be a portable HEPA filter with UV light sanitation working before, during and after your treatment. I will also have you sign a Covid Release from Liability Form, if you did not send it to me already (see Downloads, below).
6) I will leave the room to discard my gloves, wash up, and don fresh gloves. Using a paper towel on the door handle, I will enter the room and proceed to swab your points and insert needles.
7) After insertion of needles, I discard the gloves and wash my hands again.
8) When the treatment is over, I will return with freshly washed hands and new gloves to remove the needles. Payment will be processed and your next treatment will be booked in the same room.
9) I will let you out of Room 1 via the room's private exit so you do not have to touch the door handle. Watch your step as you step down and proceed to your car.
10) Afterwards, I expect you to have a most excellent day! Have a snack and rest for two hours as usual.


Covid Release Form                                                   Covid Patient Screening Form                                                  Pandemic Response Procedure